More than a cup!

So I raced another local roadie event, but this time it involved a 9+km loop with damn climbing.

… i hate climbing …

We 50+’ers had to complete 6 laps with a climb early and then again to the finish line.
I sat in the whole first lap hiding from the climbs and it gave me the opportunity to find out who was going to be the one to watch.
There was one lean looking older guy that rode like Contador and it seemed he didn’t mind any of the hills, don’t know if he realised they were there. Ok, that’s the guy!
I checked out some more guys and there were a couple of others that looked like they may be a thread to beating me to the finish line.

Then at the end of lap two, “Contador” dude made a run for it and I was ready and followed him. We managed a small gap at the top of the first climb and then it was flat with tail wind… My territory!!! We take huge turns and by the next climb we have a considerate advantage. Now what to do for the next 4 laps? We work well together, although on each successive climb I start to struggle holding C’s wheel, first dropping 20 – 50 mteres by the top and able to make it up on the flat but eventually I loose too much distance and he is gone – baby – gone!

Right now it’s survival mode to stay ahead of the peleton, it seems to work until the last half of the last lap when one of the guys I had marked at the beginning passes me and I cant respond. Luckily nobody else managed to get close so rolled over the line in 3rd.
Little did I know there were prime-sprints during the event and due to the two man break I ended up in 2nd in points score for the primes as well 🙂 … prize: a much too big white ‘’ t-shirt

For coming 3rd I got more than a cup this time.. i.e. a whole bottle of rose and a show bag (best thing in there was the bottle cage). Oh, and another much too big white ‘’ t-shirt.. hehehe.

3rd place in PAULHAC race

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  1. They look about 20 years older – That’s what they were more likely peeved about!

  2. Forgot to mention, the organisers were peeved that I didn’t wear the club jersey… oops, sorry 🙂

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