NSW Masters Road Race Championships

Did the Masters Road Race yesterday at Goulburn. Nearly sixty starters in Masters 4. The race went from the gun. By the time I was clipped in, hair adjusted etc, four were up the road into a 30km head/cross wind.&*$#(@^*&. Michael Payne was there so this spelt danger!

Everyone was looking at each other and another group of about ten which was of interest went up the road as well. Particularly since Downing was there too. So I got on the front and bridged the gap to the break. No one came with me. An echelon formed and we started to work. The gutter was no place to be and the wind was buffeting those Sydney dudes on their 404’s. The pace was hot with the first 42 k’s covered in a hour. By this time the main field was well and truly the laughing bunch. Up all the rises I could turn the screws. Where were you Ash?? Next time!

Finally we caught the four off the front and then the silly stuff started with attack after attack. Every attack was shut down. Ian would have a go then shut down. Someone else would have a crack then this would be shut down. And then someone from Turramurra put in a big effort on the flat which caught me napping at the 5k’s to go mark. Somehow I got back on. In the confusion Michael Payne slipped off the front with someone else and I think they got up by about 10 -20 secs. The bunch sprint was contested by the leftovers and I think I just got top ten in the breakaway. In the end we had several minutes on the main bunch.

Very pleased with the effort however a hillier course would have been better but that’s bike racing!

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  1. Awesome effort Greg, and sincere apologies for my absence. Let’s see what we can do in the vets race this Saturday.

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