Postcards for Matt

Gents among you will know that man-cold is not to be triffled with, for it can be fatal to men.  It’s what sets us apart.  So when I heard that Matt was suffering not from man-cold, but the far more deadly man-flu, I feared the worst.  (Cath thought he should simply ‘harden up’.)  The poor fellow was putting on a brave face, to be sure.  But I recognised the signs – he thought he had been checked into the ICU, as you will know should be done in such cases, even if it seldom is.  So lacking the courage to give him the bleak progosis, we sent him a series of ‘postcards’, live from a morning ride through the hills southeast of Cefalu, Sicily.  Perhaps one of you could use these in the memorial service…Road to Castelbuono (in distance)

Road to Castelbuono (in distance)


Castle at Castelbuono, Sicily
Good castle at Castelbuono, Sicily
Climb to Polina town, Sicily
Climb to Pollina town, Sicily
Feedstation – blackberries!
Summit castle, Pollina
Summit castle, Pollina
One of the best coffees in Italy!
Pollina recovery – one of the best coffees in Italy!




One thought on “Postcards for Matt”

  1. No such thing as man-flu… it’s cold SOFT!
    Just like Big Jeff & Alwyn’s reaction to 3 drops of rain this morning 🙂
    Rule 5!!!!!
    Nice riding there C&C.

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