Rocky Trail Shimano MTB Grand Prix Round 1


While Bleeksie was doing the rogaine and Russ was doing the Canberra marathon, I was in my own private world of pain doing the Shimano Rocky Trail GP 1 race at Stromlo.

These are the detailed results from 4 hour solo masters. Paul Brodie would have come 5th in male elite!! I got 10th overall in the open  male solo 4hr category. The course was basically the climb from the Scott red lap, Western Wedgetail, on to Pork Barrel, and back via Party Line, Old Duffy etc – the descent from the Blue lap. A pretty sweet course. Pork Barrel is really nice to ride now – they did heaps of work on it before the race. There is a challenging rockface that I found myself following the elite guys down before I had time to think about it… My garmin died after 3 hours but you can see the course here:

As usual there was chaos at the start and I got stuck behind traffic on the first lap. After that though it was an incredibly clear run. This was an almost entirely gumby free event and most people moved aside without even being asked. I mixed my bottles  light on the Endura as it makes me a bit pukey, but I think I got it wrong since I ended up with monster cramps on the last 2 laps. Won’t be doing that again.

I found the Rocky Trail guys to run a great race. Everything was professionally organised (though I would have preferred a self seeded wave start), and the organisers, officials, timing people etc were obviously having a lot of fun with it. The 3 girls in the timing tent gave me a big smile on each transition and a huge cheer as I came over the line. Exactly what I needed just at that point. For a prize I got some iP gloves and a 6 pack of some of the nicest beer I’ve tasted in a while.

Who wants to come and do the second instalment at Mt Annan on Jul 7?


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  1. Great effort! Mt Annan should be on my schedule.

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