Scott 24 hr pics

Well done Fidis on a hard fought and close campaign, 2nd (15:54 from 1st) and 6th (2 mins from 5th)  in the Four x 40+ (Blokes)  and 3rd (17sec from 2nd) in the Six x 40+ (Blokes). Teams also finished 14 (3Fidi1) 19 (3Fidi6) and 24 (3Fidi2) overall (out of 432 teams that lapped). Let me know if you want any of the pics at full size.

2 thoughts on “Scott 24 hr pics”

  1. Nice effort fellas. But one question remains: which was the winning model?

  2. Good shots Doggi, and good work from all the fidis that got involved – those podiums look little bit underpopulated though, I had to take Stanley up just to try and make up the numbers….

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