Slowly on the mend with a progress report.

Things inside are looking up today, I’m able to have water but still no food. A line will go in to get me onto liquid food and the bag on my side which collects fluids from around the internal organs shows from the blood and enzyme levels that it is healing. The stomach bile level has reduced enough that the nose pipe may come out tomorrow. The big news is though that I did eight farts last night which means the bowl is slowly waking up. Still waiting for the biopsy results of the removed tumor. So far so good…Picture 004

2 thoughts on “Slowly on the mend with a progress report.”

  1. Good one Nicko. Bet you can’t wait for the liquid food!

  2. Learning all about TPN – while trapped at the Dietitans Conference in Melbourne – planning on crashing a gastro session this afternoon to learn MORE!! cheers John

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