Tragic last stage – Haute Route 2012


Despite the euphoria of completing the 2012 Haute Route in company with Greg and hundreds of determined, joyful and exhausted others – my thoughts on the long trip home to Canberra are dominated by the tragedies.

During Stage 7, the life of one of our fellow competitors was tragically cut short in an accident in the magnificent Gorges du Cian. Both Greg and I were confronted by the perplexing scene of motor bikes, race officials, the doctor’s vehicle and ambulance blocking half the narrow roadway, with no sign of rider or bike. Both had gone over the side, a tragic moment in a truly beautiful location! A terrible reminder of the fine line.

Throughout that final stage, my thoughts were especially with Nick. Each day as Greg and I discussed what we had just endured and what we faced, we appreciated that our struggles were nothing compared to those of Nick and his family these last few years. Thanks to all of you who attended the funeral service last week and especially to James, Alwyn and others who volunteered to step forward in our absence. I’m so sad that I won’t have the opportunity to share stories and photos with Nick face to face – but I guess as the tears roll while writing this, I’m sharing the spirit with my good mate.

Both of these events, such powerful reminders that the passage of our lives can have an enormous effect on others. Please ride and live with joy in every moment – but cherish those moments – they are few.

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  1. Looking forward to catching up with you both to share the stories as we’re planning a trip over there next year as well. talk soon.

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