Visiting the Nimblewear factory in Guanzhou

Nimblewear factory visit

Virginia and I had a 16 hour lay-over in Guangzhou on our way to Europe, and I managed to line up a visit to the Nimblewear factory in Guangzhou.
Both William and the president, Jim Lin, welcomed us with open arms and after a quick lunch and a serious tea ceremony, performed by Jim, at their office and sample room, they drove us to the factory where we first point of order was another tea ceremony, this time with special flower tea recently purchased by Jim’s father and performed by Jim’s wife Jenny… all in attendance.
After the ceremony we had a tour of their factory, which was super interesting to both me and Virginia, from the store rooms to the printing process to the sewing areas and quality control process.
It was Sunday which is officially a non-work day, but still about 15 workers were there trying to catch-up with Christmas orders. The Nimblewear factory has about 35 workers and the office management, sales and graphics team has another 25 workers.
The company supplies free accommodation for the workers, many of whom live well out of town and they hire private chefs to cook the workers lunch and dinner every day.
This is an amazingly caring company run by Jim Lin and many of his family, father, mother, wife, sister etc. which definitely helps make it a very friendly place.

Jim was talking about his aim to double the size of the company over the next 12 months… woohoo, Good Luck Jim, William and the whole Nimblewear family.

The sublimation room

holding a sublimated jersey set

Jim, Virginia & Bleeksie

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  1. Nice one. Good to know they are not running a sweatshop.

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