You know you are in the desert when you ride past…

…. a Joshua Tree

I went mtbing in the Las Vegas desert this month.  The tracks were nice and flowing with some small rock gardens to get through.  The corners in gullies were often sandy so it paid to keep a little weight back to keep the front wheel from digging in.   The scenery was spectacular.

The bike shop looked very much South West USA and the little town where it was situated had burros (wild donkeys) wandering through the streets.

If you are in Vegas and there are lots of reasons to go to Vegas (some less wholesome than others), I’d recommend looking up McGhies bike tours, they do road rides as well.




3 thoughts on “You know you are in the desert when you ride past…”

  1. In the low mid 20’s (celsius) I would guess. It was morning and a cooler day than they had been having recently.

  2. nice one Tony. what was the air temperature ?

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